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Gary Sowinski is a great communicator and allows his students to understand his passion, expertise and knowledge of how to get better at this game we love so much. Just being around Gary, you will get better!
— Lance Gill, Founder LGP Inc., MS-ATC Titleist Performance Institute

I have had the distinct pleasure to work with Gary for many years. He has taken my game from a low single digit handicap to a plus two. He has an accomplished record in tournament golf and can convey that in his teaching. What I learned from Gary has taken my game to a level where I qualified for two USGA Senior Amateurs and made it to match play in both. The method he uses works for any golfer no matter what your skill level is. He conveys the information in simple and easy to understand ways. I would highly recommend Gary Sowinski to golfers of any skill level who are interested in improving and enjoying this great game.
— Terry Werner

Gary has been instrumental in the development of my game and my career as a collegiate golfer. Through his instruction, I have learned what I need to do to draw the best out of my golf game and myself. He has helped me to specify my focus, equipped me with tools to practice effectively, and given me the confidence to believe I can achieve all of my golf goals. I am sincerely grateful to have Gary on my team as I pursue my dream of professional golf.
— Kamryn Klawitter

Gary Sowinski takes a holistic approach to the game. He understands when to address swing mechanics and when to address swing concepts and understands how individual physical abilities affect someone’s ability to produce a sound swing. I marvel at how changing the image of the shot or swing can change the mechanics of the swing without clouding the issue with unnecessary details about the swing.
— Scott Vidimos
The lesson was nothing short of tremendous. Gary has the ability to correctly diagnose what I do right and what needs changing. He communicates very well making sure that as the student you understand why adjustments in the swing work. This cements the feeling with the theory. It enables the student to comprehend and I believe help fix himself or herself when things are not going perfectly on the course.
— Skip
Gary added yet another element to my swing today, with great results due to his excellent teaching skills!
— Melody
The lesson with Gary was great. He has a great way of communicating with me and his demeanor is wonderful. Everything he communicated to me I understood and will work on. I will be back next week for a short game lesson and go from there. Great experience. Thank you.
— Chip
I just finished a series of (6) lessons with Gary and could not be happier with my experience. Gary was able to get me to visualize and feel my swing. I am a mid single digit index and felt improvement the first day. Gary showed me the first day a major flaw that not only made for some inconsistent shots but also was causing some back pain issues. I will be back for another series.
— Dale
Gary has an easy-going way of teaching that works for me. I improve each time I have a lesson with him. And that’s the goal, isn’t it?
— Chris
Another great lesson from Gary. It is amazing what capabilities you unlock with proper instruction and a basic concept. Gary has improved my distance, trajectory, and confidence. Highly recommended.
— William
Gary is a great instructor. He gives immediate feedback after each swing. We increased swing distance and speed this lesson. Looking forward to the next lesson.
— Don
New at golf and this was my first lesson with Gary. Really enjoyed his instruction and patience. Looking forward to additional lessons
— Don
Always learning, always progressing. Gary’s the best.
— Melody
Had my first lesson with Gary and it went well. Got to “accelerate my arms in the direction of the target”. I liked that he was able to clarify some of the concepts that I’ve been learning from Manuel de la Torre’s book/DVD.
— Dave
Absolutely outstanding teacher. Easy to understand, I felt instant results that will stay with me when I play.
— Lou
Another great lesson with Gary. Patient and focused on success, Gary always provides simple yet detailed instructions on how to improve.
— William
Brought my son who is an advanced player to see Gary and the lesson was exactly what I hoped it would be. Gary focused on one swing change, explained what was causing his recent problems and why this would eliminate them, and gave my son several images or feelings to try until one produced the result he was looking for. This is the ideal way to improve your swing in my opinion. I have been around the golf industry and professional golf a long time and I would highly recommend Gary.
— Jason
My mom and I took lessons together with Gary. The lessons were fun and we both saw improvement right away. He is very patient and humorous in his explanations. Overall we had a great time at our sessions with Gary.
— Tamara
I learn more with each lesson. Gary is so patient and affirms the positive, never criticizing the negative.
— Melody
Gary knew, immediately, what two changes were needed to improve my ball striking. More importantly, he was able to communicate the changes in a way that matched my learning style and ability to understand. Thus, the changes were made quickly. Give Gary a try and see if his teaching style matches your learning style too.
— Chris
Best teacher I’ve had! Each time I get a lesson from Gary I come away swinging confidently and with a better understanding of my swing. He makes the swing simple and improves every aspect of my game.
— Ben
Gary is an excellent instructor. He looks for what the student will comprehend in giving instruction, and praises what is good rather than commenting on what is bad.
— Melody
I’m really hoping to repeat what we discussed and practiced during this lesson...I am really happy with how Gary has coached my golf swing!
— Kathy
Excellent as usual...handled my issues within minutes
— Bryan
Gary is so patient and doesn’t allow me to get frustrated. He’s helped me to improve so much in just a week!
— Kathy
Worked on full swing with longer clubs and aiming, great insight! Second lesson worked on short 20-30 yd pitch shots. End of lesson getting good results with confident swings. thanx Gary!
— Keith

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