Quick Tip: Correct Your Reverse Pivot

So many golfers try to keep their head still during the golf swing.

Keeping your head still creates the reverse pivot and in the video above, I show how it works. During you backswing, your chin moves behind your belt buckle at top of the swing.

If you're having trouble reaching this position here's a quick tip.

Take your right hand, put it on the left shoulder. Then take your left-hand and place it on the right. Next, get in your golf posture and turn into your backswing while moving your upper body away from your target.

You'll see you've created more distance between your upper body and your target. You're now loaded into the backswing and your head is behing your belt buckle.

Now, you've turned behind the ball and are at the top of the backswing.

Finish your shot by returning the club back to (and through) the ball on the same path as you swing toward the target.

If you're having trouble with distance, hit spinny shots or find consistency to be an issue, give this tip a try.