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Looking for Golf Lessons in San Diego? You're right where you should be. Browse below, select your package then click Book Now to schedule your lesson. Alternatively, for Player's Club Inquiry, Parent Child Golf Lessons, or Video or Online Golf Lessons please fill out the corresponding form so I may contact you to learn more about your needs. Thanks for being here, I can't wait to see you.

Please note, pricing is for golf lessons in San Diego. Lessons outside of San Diego can be accommodated at an alternate rate. Please email for lesson pricing outside of San Diego county.

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Adult Golf Lessons & Prices

  • 30 Minute Golf Lessons ..... $55.00
  • 60 Minute Golf Lessons ..... $100.00
  • Series Rates ........................ $275.00     (ncludes 6 thirty minute golf lessons or 3 one hour golf lessons)
  • Series Rates ........................ $500.00     (includes 6 one hour golf lessons)


Junior Golf Lessons & Prices for Golfers 17 & Under

  • 30 Minute Junior Golf Lessons ..... $45.00
  • 60 Minute Junior Golf Lessons ..... $75.00
  • Series Rates ........................ $135.00     (ncludes 4 thirty minute golf lessons or 2 one hour golf lessons)


Group Golf Lessons & Prices (Corporate Rates Available)

  • 60 Minute Group Golf Lesssons ..... $99 (includes 4 sixty minute golf lessons, a minimum of 6 golfers needed to qualify)

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Shy? Would an onsite lesson take up too much of your time? Maybe it's traffic — you can't stand to drive? For those who prefer to embrace technology over the lesson tee, let's keep it simple. 1. Leave your contact info below. 2. Send me your swing video (right from your phone). And 3. Do that dusting-off hand gesture thing. Getting better at golf doesn't have to be complicated. It starts with this form.

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You look particularly good in knickers. Or, you're tired of odd looks when tipping your vintage cabbie hat in place of yawning another stale "good morning". Whatever. Do you really need a reason to hang out with a bunch of people who love golf? This is the part where everyone else would tell you to step out of your comfort zone — we say, it's time you step into it. You do that by leaving your contact info below.

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Family meals, not easy. Fresh pressed, tucked, wide smiles and open eyes for the family photo, next year. You got everything on your list and didn't have to go back for one last thing, not likely. You and the Mrs. get to work on your swing while you watch the kids work on their scholarship. Hmmm. Family golf lessons are fun, easy, and they'll probably pay for themselves. We all love a good investment.

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Serving Golf Lessons in San Diego County for over 15 years

Gary Sowinski is a Class A PGA professional serving San Diego county for over 15 years. As a competitive player himself, Gary provides players with golf lessons to not only improve their performance on the course, but to become a master at enjoying the game itself. With a passion for performance and an innate ability to teach a variety of skill sets, Gary is most commonly recognized for his ability to teach a type of visualization through golf lessons that will leave you as great a player as it will a positive and thoughtful person. With a upbeat approach and a keen sense for how to present concepts to golfers based on their personality and particular learning style it's clear to see why Gary has become so successful in providing golf lessons to San Diego during his accomplished tenure.